Utah Forward Party

2024 Candidates

Miles Pomeroy

State Treasurer

Miles Pomeroy moved to Utah to begin a career in software engineering 14 years ago. He is married with three children. After becoming disaffected with the Republican Party, he ran for State House as a Forward-affiliated Democrat in 2022. With ballot access now achieved by the Utah Forward Party, Miles hopes to represent the party and Forward principles in the statewide race for Treasurer.





David Hinckley

Utah Senate District 24

David Hinckley is an Analytics Manager at Western Governors University, a proud father of six, and a husband of nearly 20 years to his wife Marie. Born in Provo and graduated from BYU, he's lived about half his life in Utah County. He helped found the Forward Party in Utah because he believes that destructive partisanship is poisoning the country and that the Forward Party has a viable path to restoring sanity.



Laura Johnson

Utah School Board District 3


Laura Johnson is a former middle school teacher, a business owner, and a Utah resident for 18 years. As a believer in “Positive Politics”, Laura is excited about the future of the Forward Party and loves the idea of uniting Americans on both sides of the political aisle while empowering them to solve problems instead of fighting over them. Laura also loves snowboarding and hiking Utah mountains with her husband, Derek, as well as supporting local restaurants and businesses with her two daughters.





Josh Smith

Utah House District 15

Josh Smith, a Utah native and Software Engineering Manager at Rakuten Advertising, brings a wealth of experience and a passion for technology. After serving an LDS mission in Mongolia, he graduated from Weber State University in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. He resides in the West Davis area with his wife and four children. Beyond his professional pursuits, he is dedicated to promoting positive change that safeguards democracy, aiming to contribute his skills and perspective to initiatives aligned with this vision. Josh welcomes opportunities to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations.



Nolan Kruse

Salt Lake County Council District 4

Nolan Kruse earned a bachelor's degree in Finance from the University of Utah and now owns his own small business in the Salt Lake Valley focusing on facilities services. He is committed to improving election options for Americans and believes in the Forward Party as a unifying force for our nation. With a firsthand understanding of the challenges faced by small businesses, Nolan stands as a dedicated advocate for their prosperity.