Utah Forward Party

Building a Viable, Credible, Durable New Movement

Building a Viable, Credible, Durable New Movement

09 April, 2020

Building a new party to challenge the longstanding duopoly can often feel like an impossible task. How do we accomplish this? With your help, of course!


More practically speaking, there are plenty of folks who are already interested in the movement that we simply need to reach out to and befriend. It can be scary to get started, but once you get rolling with phone calls or texts, you can really develop a rhythm and realize that you have a lot in common with these folks! The more people we can reach now, the more signatures we can gather from them and their acquaintances for our official party status. Plus, we want as much input from Utahns as we can get as we move towards crafting our own state platform at our first convention. 


Taking the bottom-up approach is a lot of work, but we believe it's the best way to ensure we stay in tune with the will of everyday Utahns and stay accountable to deliver them real results!