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Leadership Resources

This is a page for resource links for Leadership - bookmark this page! If you have any other ideas for content links you'd like added here, ask Phil - [email protected].



To help us stay organized and make sure our projections are correct, PLEASE HELP US KEEP TRACK OF WHO IS PLANNING TO VOLUNTEER FOR WHAT BY USING THESE FORMS.


Forms, event/volunteer views, and other important links

If you don't have access to something listed here, email [email protected]

How to Communicate

  • DISCORD is by far the best way to stay active in this group. You can Direct Message (DM) anybody else (see Leaders List for Discord Handles), and you can use special characters to bring special attention to your messages for anyone in a group.
    • Use @[Discord name] to send a push notification to a particular person
    • Use @Utah to send a push notification to everybody in our Utah channel
    • Use #[channel name] to send a push notification to everybody subscribed to a channel
      • Most relevant - use #ut-leadership to send a message to all leaders! You can also @ roles, for example, @UT.Leadership, @UT.Salt Lake, etc. The roles typically have an associated channel so either works.
  • How to set up Discord
    • Follow this link: https://discord.com/invite/knmuFxfehD
    • Set up an account (if you don't have one already)
    • follow instructions found here (message Adam or Phil if you need access to the Admin drive) for setting up Discord notifications in a way that won't be annoying.
    • If you've been designated as a Leader, tag Adam (@wades10) in the #ut-discussion thread and mention your name. He'll add you to the private leadership thread.
    • Once you're set up on your desktop, add this app to your phone too! The notifications are most useful like this - otherwise you may miss out on important conversation.
  • To email the whole Leadership group: [email protected]

Office Hours

Every Thursday when we don't have All-Leader meetings (every Thursday except the first Thursday of the month), we'll be hosting "Office Hours". The concept is simple, this will be a predictable time when you can get Phil, Adam, Miles, or Laura's attention and support on any projects or issues that you've been having.

If there is no interest, a meeting won't be automatically started, so you may need to ping Phil on Discord (PhilB#5995) or text (313.231.7968) in order to start the Google Meet

Office Hours Details:

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